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The Story Behind LottiesDream

My mother's name is Lottie Mullins (Swanson) who grew up in Harlan, Kentucky.  Life was hard in the early 1900s and it continued to be hard until she finally moved in with us later in life.  She loved making quilts and her favorite was the Lone Star.  She would painstakingly cut the diamond shaped pieces by hand using cardboard as the pattern piece.  She would piece the quilt using an old sewing machine and then quilt it by hand. 

Her most wished for dream was to be able to sell her quilts for what they were worth, considering the time and effort that goes into quilting.  She didn't live to see that day. 


This is my chance to make her dream come true.  I learned my attention to detail and quality workmanship from her.  If I wouldn't be willing to pay the prices listed or didn't like the quality, the items would not be listed.  

We offer both modern and traditional quilts with bright, colorful fabrics and quilting designs.  Our wall hangings could be considered wall art and we do special orders by use of Quotes.  ALL quilted items are handcrafted on a domestic sewing machine and could be considered decorative art.

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